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Tanjong Rhu - a place away from the bustle

Tanjong Rhu View
Tanjong Rhu View: 24 hours, daily

If you are looking for a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle from the city yet still reasonably near enough to catch the nice bright lights of the city in the night, look no further than Tanjong Rhu!

Just located 10 minutes walk away from Stadium Mrt Station, Tanjong Rhu is a good spot for a couple to enjoy a slow stroll whilst soaking in the sights.

DGW suggests that one could plan a date around the Kallang area, for instance, catch a movie or ice skate at Leisure Park, even better you could teach your date how to ice skate! (that's another post for another time :-))

Then there's the delectable awfully chocolate at Leisure Park to indulge in some sinful chocolate cake, very suitable for those who have a sweet tooth.

After the activity, you could hop over to Tanjong Rhu and enjoy a stroll with your date, with the mild breeze gently brushing against your face. If you get tired, you can grab any one of the multitude of seats available for a short break and continue chatting with your date.

If you are lucky, you can even catch a glimpse of the fireworks due to the National Day Rehearsals!

Tip: National Day Rehearsals are on Saturdays and fireworks timing is around 8.00pm. So go early and pick a good spot for a good view!

Sometimes, there are cyclists around, perfect opportunity for you to demonstrate a strong arm and pull the damsel in distress out of harm's way ;-).

Here are some sights which DGW caught, enjoy dating...


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